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São Vicente

São Vicente or Sanvicente in Crioulo, is one of the Barlavento islands of the Cape Verde. São Vicente is located between the islands of Santo Antão and São Nicolau. There is an airport on São Vicente and it is located in the southwest. São Vicente’s population is around 50,000 of which most are housed in its main town of Mindelo. São Vicente is mainly dry, so has adapted its main industries to fishing and tourism. São Vicente is known for the Baia das Gatas Music Festival. The terrain of São Vicente includes mountains to the west, the southwest, the south, the east-central and the north. São Vicente is volcanic in origin, however it is quite flat. São Vicente’s tallest peak is Monte Verde, which can be found in the northeast with an altitude of 774 metres. São Vicente’s capital city Mindelo was voted as the Capital of culture of the Portuguese Speaking Countries in 2003.

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Sao Vicente Map

Cape Verde Map
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Sao Vicente Facts

Capital - Mindelo
Official Language - Portuguese
Area - 227km²
Population - 70,000
Currency - Cape Verdean Escudu
Time zone - GMT-1
Calling code - +238

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