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meaning Salt in Portuguese is one of the Barlavento islands of Cape Verde. Sal is 30 km long by 12 km wide. Sal is a sandy and plane eastern island, just like Boa Vista and Maio, with wonderful white sandy beaches. Sal's highest point is Monte Grande, at a small 406 metres. Sal is the oldest island in the archipelago of Cape Verde, and was created 50 million years ago during the eruption of a volcano which now lays dormant.

Sal's main town is Vila dos Espargos, and is home to one of Cape Verde’s international airports. Sal’s population grew rapidly with many jobs coming from salt collection which later moved on to a fishing industry, but Sal’s main industry is now tourism. Santa Maria is the busiest beach resort in Cape Verde and hosts around 50% of the tourists each year. Sal has a great position in the ocean for water sports and Santa Maria’s large coastline is a wonderful place to try out many water sports which are easily available.

Sal is a very dry island and is affected by constant erosion. Sal has the look of a desert like region, but it provides far more then just desert and is a very charming island.

Sal Map

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Sal Facts

Capital -
Official Language - Portuguese
Area - 216km²
Population - 14,816
Currency - Cape Verdean Escudu
Time zone - GMT-1
Calling code - +238

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