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is the most east of all the Sotavento islands of Cape Verde and is as flat as Sal and Boa vista. Maio is found south of the Boa Vista and east of Santiago. For a long time Maio’s main industry was salt collecting, with agriculture and cattle, but today none of these industries are profitable. Maio’s main town is Vila do Maio, which is known as Porto Inglês and this is where Maio’s airport is based. The island is also well known for the tree’s which grow, and the area’s which are being replanted with mainly acacia trees. There are over 3500 acres of new forests to walk through.

The highest mountain on the island is situated in the east coast around a small mountain range named Monte Penoso and is 436 meters, where some volcanic activity still takes place. There are some excellent bays on Maio which includes Galeão and Santana to the north.

Many travellers that visit Maio remember the people of Maio for their honesty and cheerful hospitality.

Maio Map

Cape Verde Map
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Maio Facts

Capital -
Vila do Maio
Official Language - Portuguese
Area - 269km²
Population - 5,435
Currency - Cape Verdean Escudu
Time zone - GMT-1
Calling code - +238

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